Saturday, November 1, 2008

Full tummies at night should be the farmer's delight.


Today in many African countries redistributing land among the people is an emotional issue.

However, we need to be realistic. Narrowing the gap between those who have and those who have not should not start with the farmer. Redistributing wealth should start with the capitalist.

Dividing land that has the capacity to feed many thousands should not be cut up and distributed among people who may only have the expertise and finances to feed twenty families.

Seeing the satisfaction of twenty families finding a meaning to life should be measured up against thousands of Africans dying from hunger.

It makes better sense to encourage farmers, who have the expertise to produce, to farm for the millions of starving Africans rather than increase the glut of developed nations.

The Motto.

Never break down structures that can boost economies and reduce hunger and hardship. Rather make sure it does what it is capable of.

Simonye 01-11-2008

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