Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How Zimbabwe can rise from the ashes

12 November 2008

The deadlock between the two parties in Zimbabwe offers an opportunity for pilot studies on different African governmental approaches.

Zimbabweans can become a learning tool for the rest of Africa.

Zimbabwe could be divided into two or three sections with equal economic opportunities for a period of twenty years.

Each section can be run as an independent republic.

The division of the land needs be done in such a way that it can function independently and have equal opportunities to succeed.

Let Mugabe choose which section he wants to rule and let the opposition rule the rest.

As they rule independently, each may choose a flag and anthem to merge the people but they retain the main Zimbabwean flag also, as well as the National anthem.

Each form their own finance departments, police force, build hospitals and schools. The first world countries can lend a helping hand.

After twenty years the most prosperous method of government can be determined under the following categories:

  • Dept free economy;
  • Medical;
  • Education;
  • Sport;
  • Environment & wildlife;
  • Social system;
  • Unemployment level and general standard of living;
  • Etc.

The winning section will become the system to implement across the board when the republics merge in 2028.

The eyes of Africa can be focused on these different governmental approaches and all can learn from it.

At the end of the twenty year pilot study, armed with the most successful approaches towards prosperity and peace, all Zimbabweans can again embrace their one flag.

Zimbabwe in reality never splits.

The methods that will pull Zimbabwe out of the ashes will be methods that can be adopted by other impoverished African countries.

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