Monday, November 3, 2008

To separate the milk from the cappuccino


If the first world follow the examples of some of the developing African Nations, by suppressing Europeans and make them feel unwelcome, many Africans, living overseas, would suffer.

There is not one nation in the world that did not have blood on their hands in the past.

There is not one nation that does not have a history of suppression or deceit.

In the past it was each nation for himself, and they did what they needed to do to outwit and eliminate the enemy; whom ever they perceived the enemy to be.

The strongest nation won, and in some cases the enemy was eliminated so completely that there are few left to seek revenge.

Today the descendants of ancient tribes are scattered all over the globe. We need to be kind to those unlike us, as we would like others to be kind to our kin abroad.

Today the enemies of nations are those who do not recognize the global community.

We are no longer separate nations. We are one humanity with responsibilities to care for individual countries.

Africa needs to wake up and embrace the global civilization.

We can no longer afford to try and separate the milk from the cappuccino. We need to stand together to save our world.

We need to work towards creating a better life for all global citizens.

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