Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Forgiveness is hard to do


Forgiveness is one of the most difficult things to do.

Wrongs that we do to another group may have serious consequences for ones own kind, many years down the line.

It is nearly impossible for peace to become a reality at this time, in Southern Africa.


Too many people of one race have been hurt by those of another - and visa versa.

It is nearly impossible for an old freedom fighter to create a government of unity.

The best kind of leader in Africa would be a freedom fighter of the opposite race. For example: A white man who risked his own freedom and life for freedom among blacks, or visa versa.

It is easier to forgive people of your own kind.

A man who regarded another group as enemies in the past can only, with great difficulty, sometimes, trust those people, even if his lips indicate otherwise.

It takes a new generation to create non-racial freedom.

Suppression of blacks in South Africa's history is causing suppression of white people today, which in turn will have consequences for generations to come.

Total freedom may only be possible in the third and fourth generations if internal war can be prevented. South Africa is in a very fragile position and may be on the brink of a civil war if the right steps to prevent it are not taken.

Not only does South Africa have a history of whites against the blacks, but while apartheid clouded all other racial friction, friction among the various black tribes, and that of the coloreds towards other dark races, played out in the back ground. Even within the colored community itself we find a split among Christians and Muslims.

Today, all over the world, people are split in their loyalty regarding the Palestinians and the Israeli's issue. The world itself may be facing internal and external war.

The best we can do is to recognize that suppressed need for revenge and try to act fairly.

We can try to forgive at core level. The more we try, the easier it will become to be fair in one's dealings and the sooner peace and prosperity can be our heritage.

For as long as decisions are based on race and not competence, prosperity will remain suppressed.

As long as we give in to that deep inner wound, the need for revenge will sometimes cloud our decisions.

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