Friday, November 7, 2014

The “nearly-born-frees” and the future

Many “nearly-born-frees” voted in line with the sentiments of their family or community during the last election.
 One can expect a change when the born-frees find themselves tangled in the red tape of racist politics. 

The nearly-born-frees will hold those they voted in accountable for the promises they made to win elections.
They will notice the political party that put  emotional ideals before the prosperity of the nation..

Their thoughts, demands and votes will shape the future of our country and the world.  
  • Nearly-born-frees, who came across discrimination will demand freedom and fairness. 
  • Those who remain jobless or lost out of opportunities for promotion because of racial or gender preference will demand change and revisit old election promises.

  • The nearly-born-frees will want a better world for their children.   
The label “born-free” forced them to think about what freedom is and they will demand it because they will regard it as their right.

Ex Unitate Vires
updated 2014-11-07
Copied from Governing Africa

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