Monday, November 10, 2014

zero population growth

Lack of child support, and proper schooling 

is due to lack of birth control 

which leads to overpopulation and poverty


I was one of six children and I remember longingly looking at the brand new blazers, shoes and suitcases of our friends, at the start of every new school year. I used to walk with my arms folded so that

my worn blazer was not so noticeable.  
Children should never have to feel that life short-changed them.

A nation’s inability to provide education, and child support is due to over-breeding, (the birth of children, who will not receive the necessary support or nutrition) is mainly a problem in developing countries.
If humanity continues to breed like rats and 

strip the earth's resources

human demand for food will soon outstrip the ability of the earth to reproduce.

There is a prediction that the earth will run out of food in the near future

I would like to put it to you that the earth is only coping with the demand today,
because 75% of the world goes hungry.

There is an urgent need for every woman 
to rear only one living child. 

Humanity should aim at a zero population growth, until poverty become history.

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